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I used a different method for in car communication. I've been a CB nut since 1970 & have always had a CB in my vehicles. I bought a Cobra 29LTD CB radio that is Bluetooth equipped. Matching my cell phone to the radio is easy to do with the enclosed directions. I have a base loaded CB antenna on my deck lid that links me to the cell towers in the area. For incoming calls all one has to do is push the button on the mike & start talking. I have a auxiliary external speaker & the incoming calls come through the radio to the speaker. Out going calls are simply dialed on the phone & transmitted via the radio. The Bluetooth button is in the center of the mike. Another reason for the Bluetooth is that here in Missouri with the increase of accidents involving vehicles & cell phones the highway patrol & the local police are on the lookout for the ones with the cell phone glued to their ear. I've noticed that the vast majority of cell phone use while driving is done by the ladies, which in some cases have a problem walking & chewing gum, let alone driving & talking on the phone. (BTW my wife agrees with me on that topic)!
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