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Originally Posted by Bradford Bailey View Post
Eaglevision993, I'm a little confused about this. I'd love to get the phone working in my Mark VII. It is still hooked up & powered as it was bought new. The dialing will sound through the speakers & everything. Is it the transceiver in the trunk that allows this to work, or is it that antenna you put up a link for. Any help, from anyone is really appreciated!!
Maybe you missed this part?
"First, I got a Motorola 2700 International car phone system."

He replaced the analog phone and its modules with a digital phone and associated modules.

I recommend a different route. Get a Bluetooth adapter. There are some that you can wire into your factory radio so that it will mute the radio and play the phone audio through the speakers. Even better would be to replace the factory radio with an aftermarket phone that has Bluetooth phone support built in. Either way, then you wouldn't have to pay an extra monthly phone bill for a phone that you could only use in your car.
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