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Yes Mark95man,


They didn't even bring it back, I had to go and get it, in fact I had to call the police to get it back, because the ones that had borrowed it from me sold it to an innocent man.

We just saw it in a yard on the way to go get it.

Well my new car dolly will not be loaned out what so ever.

I have been burned by so many and especially my own family.

I did the math and have lost.about $50,000 in loans, unpaid vehicles, even land that I have sold and "trusted" to family/friends.

You live and learn.

Their are two kinds of people. Givers and takers. I was a stupid blind person until the past few years. Looking back now I can see how people actually manulipated me out of assets and cash$$$$.

O well, now I'm 36 and I do still help people out some, like no more than $100 occasionally---and I will take you and buy the diapers and formula and I keep the receipt----, now I know that $150 for formula and diapers was for cigarettes and alcohol.

They conned me out of $2500 for one of my cousins-- she needed a treatment. She was 5 and had cancer. They told me that she had no insurance, and I believed it because neither parent works, and needed medicine. I gave them the money.
My aunt told me years later that the kid had 100% of everything paid for by medicaid. See how stupid I was.

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