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Always one good kid

Yes Mark95man,

It seem from my experience from working in the funeral home and currently in a very busy ICU in a hospital, that typically one child(adult 50-60's) will usually just be doing the right thing for "Mother".

The other kids cleaned Mother out years ago and have not been active in caring, or helping to finance her care.

Of course those other kids suddenly show up and are acting overly emotional and concerned about Mother. Then when talk of raising the $8,500 for her funeral gets brought up, those other kids suddenly have a major emergency back home and are on a flight away to fix that busted water line that is flooding the house, per the emergency call from the neighbors.

Also medicaid/medicare will let Mother keep like $20.00? A month, up to a total cash of $2,000, once the other kids draw all that money out and take " Mother's" rings-they are gone.

I saw this all the time.

In the funeral home, say the father died in 1994 and then Mother went ahead and paid for both funerals, hers and his, then years later the one daughter became POA over Mother and came down to the funeral home and canceled the prefunded service and got the $8,200 out. They could legally do this if the contract wasn't irrevocable and 98% were not.

We'd, as funeral directors would hint at what are the plans for "Mother" now, and that daughter, with a grin ear to ear and a check for $8,200 made out to her in her left hand, would say, "just let the County pay to burn the old Bit*h when she dies".

Then the day the POA daughter wiped out all the other assets, the Daughter dumps Mother off in the drive way of one of the kids like you, Mark95man.

If it wasn't for kids like you, Mark95man, lots of elderly would simply be shouved in a medicaid nursing home bed and basically starve to death, or die from bed sore infections gone septic.

As long as at least one child maintains a presence at the nursing home, the staff will attempt to take better care of "Mother".

Total feeders, residents who can't hold a fork and feed themselves, will starve to death in a few months.

The skeleton crew CNA's have 40 residents to feed each and only 1 hour to do it before baths start.

It typically isn't the CNA's fault, but greedy for profit management/ownership of the facility. Of course 98% of family members will always blame the CNA, or in a restaurant setting, they blame the waiter's, they don't notice that she is waiting on 30 busy tables. I'd still tip, but complain to the manager who just sent 3 waiters home 1 hour ago because, "it was slow at the time " and doesn't want to call them back in because then they'd have to pay them call back pay.

Thank you Mark95man for your care of your Mother and for your service to our Country.

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