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Yes these threads are no different than meeting someone at Wal Mart and talking. We might start off talking and looking at his amazing pristine Dk Blue 79 Collectors Series, them he might tell me that it was his wife's car and she died in 1982 of cancer.

Next we are talking about his 4 grand kids and his daughter that is on hospice from cancer.

Of course at this point of the conversation it is apparently very clear that the old man is very lonely and fearful of loosing his daughter.

Maybe he drove the 79 just to capture attention in a parking lot to just talk to a refreshing stranger?

Next thing we are talking about corn gas and how bad it is on the older cars that are not driven but a few times per year?

This 79 Collectors encounter really happened to me a few years ago.

I enjoy a "living" thread.

Of course if I'm seeking help on a very specific technical topic, of course I really may only have time to read the more technical info post and might skim over the friendly conversation post.
We are all wonderful humans on this site.

I really enjoy everyone, especially the regulars.

The only way we get to know each other somewhat is not by the instructions on changing a blend door, but it is the little things that we add over the years into the post.

I wish we could all have a meet in like Las Vagus every three years.

It would be so neat.

Enjoy your day everyone.
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