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I wish we could rebuild it, it really isn't damaged as bad as it looks and with only 50,000 one owner elderly miles stored in climate controlled basement since new.

That explanes the original intake still looking brand new.

Even the transmission pan looks brand new as with the underside of the engine.

The interior smells brand new.

No we have to scrap it.

The title is "parts only", so we will/are going to part it out starting not this weekend, but next weekend.

It is an early 97, so its rear light bar does light up.

It even came with two peanut remotes that both still work.

I hate to scrap it, but I have no choice.

The wife is about 70 pounds. Big heavy husband died as soon as they bought it, so the interior has virtually zero wear.

Rear differential cover looks brand new.

BTW the wife, owner of this Town Car, got a slightly used GMQ ultimate, but was only going to drive for a few more months, till she hit her 95th birthday and she didn't renew her driver's license, so now a mint 2011 GMQ Ultimate sits where this Town Car once lived.

Maybe someday I will buy her GMQ. It is beautiful and has the top half of the steering wheel is wooden.

I know her son very good and the family did own the biggest funeral home in my area until 1998 when they boys sold it when the dad died.

Also this blue 97 Town Car had the chrome wheels, of course I put them on my 95 last October. Of course it came with a full size chrome spare tire and it is on my 95.

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