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Liquidlounge is just really niceLiquidlounge is just really niceLiquidlounge is just really niceLiquidlounge is just really nice
this is what I just received last week.
If by slight chance you are interested, I will be glad to snap some pics of anything you want. The Kelderman kit also comes in stock height. My thought is to go with either the lightest front spring available (ex 1980#) or remove the secondary leaf to run in conjunction with the air springs. Somewhat of an expensive experiment, but lightening the leaf spring rate and making up the difference in air is intriguing to me for a number of reasons that I won't get into here. I will say that when I ran the idea by a suspension enthusiast on one of the truck forums, he called it a silly idea. we will see. I am also doing 2016 rear leaf springs that are appx 8" longer. There, I am doing similar; removing the overload leaves and going to a larger diameter, lower pressure air spring. I know this works great as others have done the rear set up. I love the truck and have owned it since new (2001) and the ride is the only thing that really seams behind the times to me.
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