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Originally Posted by fastrace01 View Post
The Grand Marquis and Crown Victorias are great cars.

They are not as roomy, or classy as a Town Car, but they are nice.

I see 2003-2004 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate trims with like 130,000 miles for $3600 all the time.

On the 95+ the radios are hard to reach on the dash, so for a Town Car, I'd go with ones with the steering wheel controls.

In late late 2001 on the Crown and Marquis, steering wheel redundant controls were first optional, but extremely rare.

2003/2004Crown Vics LX, 90% had radio controls.

About 70% of Grand Marquis 03/04 had radio controls. I guess Ford was trying to use up all their extra steering wheels before the new 2005 steering wheel.

Of course none of the GMQ, or Crown base trims had steering wheel controls.

Try and find a mid year or later 03.

The early 03's had axle bearing issues, timing chain tensioner faults, and cracking intake manifolds.

If the front seats have the little pouch attached to the front of the bottom seat cushion, then it is an early 03.

I bought a real nice 03 GMQ Ultimate trim with 140,000 miles on it over a year ago for $3650 and it had 4 new tires+ a new battery. Of course the LCM lighting control module went out right after I got it, but now Ford will fix them for free if the car is 15 years or younger and under 250,000 miles.

I'd get a Crown, but I'd only buy the higher trimmed cars.
No police or base trims. Having things like key pad entry, auto dim mirror, lumbar, redundant audio controls, trip computer, outside temp display, etc is nice.

I'd buy a Crown or GMQ in a heart beat.

I have two 03 Town Cars, 03 GMQ, 01 Crown LX, 95 Town Car and equally enjoy driving each one.
Thanks! Very informative.. But why does it seem like only the GMQ's have the intake problem..also, have you ever heard of a police interceptor package on a GMQ? Look at this CL add, guy says this one was a rental for the first 60k of its life
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