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Submitted by Danatriverton / 02-28-04


Have you found a puddle of oil inside the left front tire that looks like it might stem from a power steering leak?  Is the leak more noticeable when it is cold?  Since the oil pressure is higher when the engine is cold (and the oil leak may stop as the engine warms up and the oil pressure drops slightly), it could be time to change the gasket between the oil filter adapter and the engine block. 

The part number for the improved gasket is F6AZ-6840-AA.  It is about 1/8" thick and fairly rigid. (There could also be a coolant leak, for as well as the two oil passages  there is also the coolant inlet from the radiator.)
Let's Get Started
  • Turn off your air suspension with the switch in the trunk if your car has air suspension.
  • Turn your wheels all the way to the left for better access.
  • Drain the coolant. Use a fairly large bucket or tub as the coolant hits the air dam and spreads out.
  • Jack the car up at the left front jack pad. Jack it up until the left front tire is off the ground about 4 inches.
  • Place a jack stand at the frame under the left front door for safety.
  • Remove the oil filter. You do not have to remove the lower radiator hose to do this, it will allow the adapter to move far enough out to be able to remove the old gasket and slip in the new one. (The gasket is similar to a head gasket in that it is rigid and will not break when you remove it.  It almost falls out.  I do not think it could break and leave part still in position.  Also you have a very good view into the area and you can inspect both surfaces without removing the radiator hose.) There are four bolts holding the adapter to the block. You can reach them with a ratchet and two 6 inch extensions. You do not need a universal joint on the extension.
  • Remove the old gasket.
  • Slide the new one in and start the bolts. Do not tighten them until all are started so that the gasket is seated right. When you tighten the bolts alternate between them to avoid overstressing the oil filter adapter and possibly cracking the casting.
  • Re-install the filter. 
    Editors note: this might be a good time to replace the oil and filter to minimize the risk of contaminants.
  • Pour the coolant back in.

Start the car and check for leaks. Remove the jack stand and jack. ---- You're done!

Editors note: if your vehicle has air suspension, don't forget to turn it back on!

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