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Submitted by Luckieleo / 06-26-04

This article deals with replacing the stock 5"x7" speakers in the doors and safely removing the door panels on a 2000 Lincoln LS.

Step One

Pry off the black plastic piece around the handle with a small flathead screwdriver. There is one screw behind this plastic piece. Remove that with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step Two

Open the door and remove the one screw on the side of the door.

Step Three

Remove the three screws along the bottom of the door panel.

Step Four - Removing the Door Panels

Now use a panel removal tool or a flathead screw driver to pry off the door panel cover by the edges. You will need to pull pretty hard - there are some of those annoying white plastic screws holding it together.  Then you can take the stock speaker out with a screwdriver and unplug the wires.

The picture below is what the door looks like once the panel is off. (Of course the stock speaker will be in that hole before you take it out).

The blue connector piece you see to the upper left of the speaker hole is connected to the door panel. It is one of those squeeze and pull plugs that connects the window motor to the controls. You will need to unplug it in order to get the panel all the way off.

NOTE: Before you unplug this connector, roll the window down to see how far it goes down. If you look in the hole in the photo at right, you can see the window comes down there.

You don’t want to break the window, so be sure to make a mark on the inside to show how far down the glass goes. Then roll it back up out of the way. Trust me; I didn’t mark where the window comes down to and I ended up rolling the window down later and cutting the wire off from the crossover! (I had to do it all over again!! NOT FUN!!)

Step Five - Making the Mounting Plate for the New Speaker

Now turn the stock speaker upside down on the board or whatever you are using as a plate for the new speaker and cut to size. (See left picture below.) The picture below on the right shows what the plate looked like after I cut out the hole to mount the new speaker.

Now take the new speaker and measure the back part. Cut the hole out in the center (you may have to sand/cut a bit to get it to fit snugly in the new hole). Once it fits, attach the new speaker to the plate with screws.

Step Six - The Crossovers

The crossover was mounted right behind the speaker, a little bit lower along the metal part of the door so the window didn't hit it. (It's held on with 3M double-sided foam tape.) Make sure you can easily reach the connectors.

Step Seven - The Tweeters

If you want to put the tweeter in the same place I did, the panel it's on pops right off with a flathead screwdriver.

Just mark where you want it, take the panel off. and drill a small hole (small enough to run the wires thru and run them down to the crossover). You will need to pop the panel off again and take out the speaker to get to the crossover. Then use superglue to hold it on.

That should do it - hope this helps!


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