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Submitted by JaxFlConnor/ 12-16-04

Tools You Will Need
  • Jack/Stands
  • 2 x 3/8 drives, extension, swivel joint (universal joint)
  • Deep 18 metric (3/8) and short 18 metric (3/8)
  • 15 metric (3/8)
  • 18 metric box wrench
  • A breaker bar that fits on your 3/8 drive
  • Cold chisel or pickle fork to spread the thing holding onto the ball joint
  • Hammer
  • Long flathead screwdriver

Assemble one of these for use on the drivers side:

Jack up the front, set the parking brake, chock the wheels – whatever you need to do.  Remove the front wheels, both struts (passenger side optional), all electrical connections on and around the master cylinder for ease of access, and remove the driver side fender-well cover.

Driver side: remove the nut from the bolt holding the C-arm’s ball joint. Drive the cold chisel into the gap to release pressure from the bolt and tap the bolt through to release the ball joint. For the forward bolt, put the 18mm box wrench on the nut. Use a screwdriver to pry off the flag on the head of the bolt. Remove bolt with 15mm driver and breaker bar.

For the rear-side bolt, slide your constructed tool through the hole in the fender-well and get a friend with small hands to reach below the master cylinder and position it onto the nut.

Break the flag off this bolt and start to turn the bolt from inside the wheel well while holding the nut in place with the U-joint tool.

Passenger side: Same deal as the forward bolt on the driver side but works for both sides on passenger C-arm

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